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Are you interested in getting involved in our club. There are many different opportunities available. Volunteering is a fantastic way to meet people, give back to the community, support a great community asset, and can provide you opportunities to develop new skills, no matter what your age.

We are always looking for support, some of which our outlined below. If you are interested, please get in touch. We would also be happy to discuss other opportunities if there are certain skillsets you may want to offer.

Some of our opportunities for volunteering:

Please be aware that we are a Surf Lifesaving Club that offer junior programs. As such we have obligations safeguarding our children and young people. Persons wishing to engage in our club will be required to undergo appropriate screening and training to meet requirements before commencing participation.

Patrol our beach

Are you keen to don the red and yellow? Our club patrols Aldinga Bay between October and April each year, based from the Aldinga Bay Surf Lifesaving Club. Patrolling is something anyone can get involved in after a small amount of training, regardless of your fitness level or swimming ability.

Ways to become a patrolling member:

Bronze Medallion 

Surf Rescue Certificate

First Aid Officer

If you are interested in finding out more the first step is to contact us so we can talk about options. You can contact us any time of year as there may be training running outside of patrol season.

Senior/Masters competition

Aldinga Bay has a long history of strong competition in Surf Lifesaving events.


Surf Life Saving Masters are eligible to compete in masters events after the age of 30 years (to 70 years and over). Masters competitors must have attained the Bronze Medallion, complete yearly proficiency, and  be current members that fulfil patrol and/or other obligations to their club. Aldinga Bay Surf Life Saving Club encourages its Masters members to participate in administrative, management and/or activities including Surf Sports, Officiating and Coaching


There are a range of ways that our senior members participate in club activities. Senior age group is from 15+ and from this age they generally undertake further training that provide the skills to be more responsible in patrolling our beaches and also continue to be actively involved in surf sports. Surf Lifesaving is a great pathway for our young lifesavers as they transition to adult hood and become more involved as volunteers in the community.

Training Sessions

Training opportunities are available throughout the year to improve skill competencies, fitness and competition based strategy. We have a fantastic group of coaches to support our members regardless of their fitness level, swimming ability or skill competency. Initially a great place to start is with our club pool swimming sessions held Thursday evenings and Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Silver Salties


Silver Salties is a participation program for older Australians (65+years) at Surf Life Saving Clubs throughout Australia, promoting physical activity, social connections, and involvement in the surf lifesaving community. Adults 18+ are welcome to participate, however, adults 65+ are the target audience.

Silver Salties meet at the Aldinga Bay Surf Lifesaving Club every Thursday morning at 10am for 1-2 hours. Activities differ but may include a walk, light exercise, wellbeing workshops, education opportunities, and coffee catch up.

A fantastic way to meet new people, engage in our local club and environment and look after your health.

For more information or to register please contact Peter Symons 0413 316 328.

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